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Thread: sky germany going black end of november 2019

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    Post sky germany going black end of november 2019

    For a few days, the pay-TV provider Sky Sender for the transmitter to the encryption. Sky has enabled unique pairing. This means that users of receivers from other manufacturers can not see anything anymore. Problems have also increased the audience from Switzerland.

    Uncertainty at Sky
    The pay-TV provider Sky is currently switching the encryption channels for stations. Sky has enabled unique pairing. In simple terms, this means that you can only use your own SmartCard, which you received with Sky's satellite receiver. The hardware of other providers, which is partly superior to the Sky devices, simply does not work anymore. The smart card passes only to the Sky Receiver 1 the encrypted control. The signal can decrypt only the registered receiver or the CI module of Sky and then decrypt the TS stream. Subscribe or not, without the appropriate keys, which are in the OTP area, there is no more program, which you could look at. The encryption manufacturer *** blacklistet also circulating on the Internet key on behalf of Sky.
    The legal users have the disadvantage!
    The hammer was, however, so the statement of an insider, who operates as a hobby a Sat forum, that the new anti-Piracy measure of Sky will concern primarily the legal subscribers. If you use a third-party hardware, the converted programs will not work anymore. On the one hand, there are many complaints in the in-house forum of Sky because of the hardware sold. The users complain about persistent defects, which apparently have not yet been turned off. On the other hand, buyers of receivers from other manufacturers are now systematically locked out. Even though they paid their monthly fees to Sky.
    No cardsharing anymore
    Regular cardsharing is no longer possible. Whether or how many illegal providers will offer IPTV television on the basis of cardsharing in the future is still open. The new encryption will put an end to the bustle of many Chinese companies that specialize in this business model. According to our insiders, it is often the very companies that operate the pay-servers for IPTV that also produce some receivers with "additional functions" for receiving paid channels on the Internet. For the sale one likes to use online trading places like AliExpress or Alibaba. The hardware for the unlawful reception of the high-priced stations does not fly out as fast as elsewhere in such venues. There you only need to search for "4k receiver cccam". Incidentally, the matching lines are also offered for sale there. If you search for "1 year cccam", you will almost be beaten to death with offers. The responsible companies for the IPTV Paysender or receiver are mostly in

    IPTV PAY server operators have purchased a solution
    We also asked an industry insider who is working in this field. He says it is unclear whether IPTV will still work as soon as Sky has completed the conversion of all TV channels. The new encryption will undoubtedly pose new challenges for the illegal providers. Some operators of illegal IPTV Payserver to have "bought" with a solution in the four- to five-digit area a solution for Sky. That is at least claimed in some forums.
    Nevertheless: Who pays a subscription but does not use original hardware, now has the disadvantage. For boards like u.v.m. Countless users of third-party hardware are exchanging ideas about which TV channels are still available and which ones are not.

    The conversion is to be completed by the end of November, according to a letter that has been received by all solo card holders. Many Swiss users who pay Sky have the wrong hardware and can no longer see the upgraded programs. Or you may need to use two different receivers to receive all programs. This is extremely impractical.

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    source of rumor
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