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Thread: OpenVPN Box Plugin

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    OpenVPN Box Plugin

    E2 plugin for activating a VPN server connection for secure and neutral surfing and watching videos



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    Thumbs up VPN Manager Plugin

    VPN Manager Plugin

    This plugin should make it possible for you to switch between different VPN connections.

    Also, you get several information that will be determined on your IP.
    If there is an existing VPN connection, the ping will also be indicated.
    Also in the plugin is already an update-resolv-conf with it, so the DNS server of the VPN provider are used.

    In order to use the plugin properly, you must note the following.

    Creating the configs
    - create a folder for this / media / hdd / OpenVPN you can choose this folder name freely.
    - for each config that you want to use create another folder / media / hdd / OpenVPN / Amsterdam Amsterdam can be replaced by everything.
    In this folder then come the files you get from your VPN provider.
    You do not have to rename or customize them if it's an xxxx.conf or xxxx.ovpn.

    Set up plugin
    - OpenVPN must be stopped before the first start of the plugin
    - First, you assign the new created folder in the plugin menu
    - Now you have to enter your access data from your VPN provider
    - Optionally, you can also set certain DNS server if a VPN connection exists.
    But only for users who know what they are doing

    opkg update && opkg install /tmp/*.ipk
    OE2.5/OE.2.6 und DreamOS 64
    apt-get update && dpkg -i /tmp/*.deb && apt-get -f install

    enigma2-plugin-extensions-vpnmanager_1.0.4.deb.rar (244.82KB)


    enigma2-plugin-extensions-vpnmanager_1.0.4_all.ipk.rar (278.53KB)


    Thanks murxer


    Perfect-Privacy Manager

    murxer wrote:

    I have created a plugin for the OpenVPN provider Perfect-Privacy, so you do not have to adjust the configs yourself or swap them over FTP.
    To use the plugin, you have to have an Acc in Perfect-Privacy.
    This is a hobby project, I'm not a programmer so it can sometimes come to problems.

    Functions that can be configured in the menu:
    - OpenVPN autostart

    - Default DNS server
    Are automatically backed up, but can be adjusted in the menu and also set

    - Perfect-Privacy DNS Server can be chosen freely (optional)
    A resolv-update-conf is included in the plugin, it will always use the Perfect-Privacy DNS server.

    - Cascaded connection up to 2 Hop's
    Even after a restart, a Cascadierte connection is established.

    - IPtables can also be activated (unfortunately not in all boxes because kernel-module-xt-multiport and kernel-module-xt-conntrack are missing)
    Iptables, kernel-module-xt-multiport and kernel-module-xt-conntrack will not be installed until you enable IPtables in the menu.
    If the packages can not be installed, you will get an error message which could not be installed.

    - Config's TCP or UDP and AES-256-CBC or AES-128-CBC

    Before the first start of the plugin, please stop OpenVPN so that the correct default DNS servers are backed up.
    Every time you quit the menu, you'll always be asked if you want to load new configs.
    So after reinstalling or update you must first load the config's.

    Notes on the OE2.0 version:
    - Image tested were OpenATV, BlackHole and VTI on Vu Solo Se, Uno 4k, Uno 4k Se, Solo 4k, Zero 4k
    - With VTI the autostart of the Cascade does not work, that is because the box starts at boot in the year 1970
    Therefore, the restart is delayed by 20 sec.
    It will then build a Normal OpenVPN connection with Hop 1.

    Notes on the OE2.5 version:
    - Tested Image Original Unstable, Merlin, Newnigma2 and Oozoon on a DM9x0, 820 and 7080
    - When installing the plugin, a start script is adapted by connman, so that the DNS Proxy is disabled.
    Otherwise the DNS servers of Perfect Privacy can not be used.
    - After uninstalling the plugin a reboot of the box must be made so that the DNS proxy is activated again.
    - With newnigma2 the Cascade does not work, with all other image which I tested myself works the Cascade
    - IPtables worked on all image
    - After the installation Please make a restart of the box, Gui restart is not enough, then only the plugin can be used

    Please do not activate everything after the first installation, just enter the access data once and load the config's.
    If then an OpenVPN connection exists you can test the remaining functions.



    Thanks murxer

    ---------- Post added at 19:51 ---------- Previous post was at 19:43 ----------

    Update 1.3.9

    - VPN status query revised
    - Config-Screen VirtualKeyBoard added




    Thanks murxer

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