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Thread: Kathrein UFS 910 - Damaged Power supply

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    Default Kathrein UFS 910 - Damaged Power supply

    Pentru cei care mai au acest receptor
    Personal am dat la o ruda de al meu la care a mers vreo 5 ani non stop fara sa fie orpit si s-a dus cateva condensatoare si un integrat ... si am avut nevoie de lista componentelor de pe sursa ...

    Diese Bauteile sind auf einem Netzteil einer 1W Version Bj. 2007.4.23 R 0.3 zum finden.
    Liste wird stndig ergnz. Wenn jemand noch andere Details hat dann bitte posten.

    Primr Seite

    F1 3,15A/250V
    Z1 CNR 10D471K
    DB DBS206G
    RTH DSC 5D-9
    PC1 100nF 275V~ X2
    PC2 100nF 275V~ X2
    PC3 82F/400V
    PC4 10nF/1kV
    PC5 33nF
    PC6 47F/50V
    PC7 22nF/630V
    PC8 22F/50V
    PC9 47nF
    PC10 10nF
    PC11 470pF/400V~
    PC12 470pF/400V~
    PR1 220k/2W Metall
    PR2 56k/2W Metall
    PR3 43Ohm
    PR4 12kOhm
    PR5 43Ohm
    PR6 3,3Ohm
    PR7 1,2MOhm
    IC1 KA1M0565R
    IC9 SK A6252
    PD3 1N5239B
    PD4 UF4007
    PD5 1N4937
    PD6 1N5243B
    PD7 1N5256B

    Sekundr Seite

    C1 1F/50V
    C2 4700F/10V
    C3 2200F/10V
    C4 470F/35V
    C5 220F/35V
    C6 470F/25V
    C7 220F/25V
    C8 47F/50V
    C9 22F/50V
    C10 3300F/10V
    C11 2200F/10V
    C12 220F/10V
    C13 220F/10V
    C14 1F/50V
    C15 470F/10V
    C16 470F/10V
    R3 620Ohm
    R4 300Ohm
    R6 10kOhm
    R8 10kOhm
    Q1 QFP 20N06
    Q2 2SC945
    IC2 PC-17K1
    IC3 PC-17K1
    IC4 TL431
    IC5 PC-17K1
    IC6 TL431
    IC7 TL431
    IC8 LM7905
    D1 FCQ 10U06
    D2 FCH 10U10
    D3 SF26
    D4 SF26
    D5 1N493
    D6 SF26
    D10 2A07
    D11 2A07
    L2 22H
    L3 22H
    L4 22H
    L7 22H

    Bild von Netz runtergeladen

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    Thumbs up

    daca tot santem la capitolul de defecte am gasit pe net acest material care sper sa ajute pe detinatori receptoarelor Kathrein UFS 910

    I got similar issue: Red light only on power on, no serial port response, no LAN initialized.
    Spent all night digging forums for solution, trying different application etc.
    Finally opened my box and straight away noticed capacitor C2 expanded.
    I did not have the same spec one, and at 3am was difficult enough to search for right part, and I put absolutely different one but logically more or less suitable for stabilization circuit.

    Some notes for new starters met the same issue:
    1. UFS910 RS232 null-modem cable: effectively there are only 3 pins used for this device: 2,3,5. If you have not damaged cable and pin 2 on one side goes to pin 3 on another - you have right cable.
    2. You always can test your PC's serial port output by loopback test: interconnect pins 2 and 3 in the port (better in the pc to UFS910 link cable on the ufc910 side) and run hyperterminal. In the hyperterminal file->properties->Settings->ASCII Setup... select box "Echo typed characters locally" and OK.
    after you back in the hyperterminal's main window you can type any characters and you will see them, if your serial port is ok, and pins 2 and 3 shorted together characters will appear twice each. It is mean you have no issues with PC side comms.
    3. all the apps you can find: kathi up, KCC, AFF recovery... they all do absolutely same things in terms of serial communication.
    If you have no response from the device in hyperterminal - this apps will never help you. (kathiup for example does something and consequently updates the status even without serial port linked).
    4. Capacitor C2: original 4700uF 10V, fitted (incorrect but works) 1500u 250V. I would change it for ~4700u 16V (I think it V rating is the issue).

    Next time my UFS910 will die I will collect full info about PSU outputs needed for quick diagnostic.

    succes tuturor

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    am pus mana pe un Kathrein UFS 910
    adus din germania de catre cetateanul haules-baules moo (sefu ma jur pa copilasii mei ca merge ) adevaratul a spus 100%
    a luat-o din prima ,are firmware de fabrica
    voi schimba condesatoarele electrolitice defecte cu alte noi +un ventilator de racire in interior , e si pacat de acest receptor cu un numa emblematic
    Kathrein UFS 910 isi merita o noua sansa la viata

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    Merită bătaia de cap, succes!

    Putina atenție de unde cumperi electrolitici, am avut surprize neplăcute de-a lungul timpului; de multe ori prefer condensatori proveniți din recuperari, verificați și sortați cu ESR-metrul.
    UFS910, Nokia d-Box1, Nokia d-Box2, Optibox500, Vu+ Zero4K

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