VU + How to configure Crossepg XEPGDB} {providers on a USB drive

As follows: -

Press the Menu button on the STB remote control and select Settings {1}

2} Then select CrossEPG {2}

2.JPG 3} Press the Configure button in this menu you can set the location to store the EPG data.
The best place is on a USB stick, because it is fast. You should see a menu similar to the {3}

4} Now press the RED button to save and you can return to the main menu CrossEPG.
Then you need to update XEPGDB suppliers, info page will look like this {4}

5} Now the provider list has been updated, so now select suppliers XEPGDB {5}

6} The menu XEPGDB suppliers, simply select the supplier (s) you want to download,
information page will look like this {6}

7} Now press the yellow button to get the three suppliers that have been selected.
* The first field generation (Solo, Duo,Uno and Ultimo), it is a good idea to choose only two or three suppliers as EPG data memory fills up very quickly *. The SOLO2 can select all packages without any problems. {7}

8} Now your EPG is ready to use {8}

9} To update the EPG, you can Navigatie CrossEPG to the main menu and select Download Now, if you press the green button @ STB remote control and use CrossEPG Downloader. {9}

9.1} After pressing CrossEPG Downloader will download the data, and then converts the loaded ready for use automatically. {9,1}

Above *** Guide can also be used to Rytec EPG packages, select Rytec instead XEPGDB and follow the above instructions ***

Thank EVO and Artorius for help with translation