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Thread: UFS910 mod 2.03 Oscam Stapi

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    Default UFS910 mod 2.03 Oscam Stapi

    UFS910 mod image based on original 2:03
    Modified 2:03 Image of Kathrein:

    - patched kernel so that a second boot loader (2nd BL) can be installed for BarryAllen
    - ftdi and pl2303 driver integrated to operate an external USB card reader (eg Smargo)
    - Oscam-Stapi integrated including a basic configuration for 2 card readers

    Installation Note:
    • Image (6) files via USB flash drive
    • Wait! The box will boot automatically after installation 1x.
    • In the menu - Settings own satellite and network configuration to adapt

    addition for those who need the 2nd BL for BA-Stick: Start

    • KCC3.2. Network Setting. In the Settings tab should be button "Test Connection" is already 4x OK to be reported. •
    button "install 2nd Boot Loader". Positive await confirmation.
    • Box shut down and the power switch off.
    • If you already have an installed Barry Allen (BA) has embroidery, this plug in the USB port and boot BOX.
    • In the "Barry Allen" 1x the button "BA patch" button. Done.
    • When you restart your have your BA then menu.

    VU+ UNO 4K SE, VU+ Solo SE, Edision Progressiv Hdc+, Kathrein UFS 910

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    I try this firmware but I found that box respond very,very slowly and the remote as well.Anybody with bettter results?

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