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Thread: Tideglo 0.5.5 AAF SummerDream 2.0

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    Default Tideglo 0.5.5 AAF SummerDream 2.0

    Tideglo 0.5.5 AAF SummerDream 2.0

    Image inforelease notes from Tideglo nightly Build)
    This is our latest release: AAF Image SummerDream

    AAF-Panel V4.1
    Softcam-Panel V0.21
    + Addon-Manager V1.73
    + HD-Skin Wine Metallic
    HD-Skin Ice Metallic
    VFD-StandBy V0.1
    Cardreader Unterstutzung
    NewCS Control V0.2
    Permanent Clock
    SetstartChannel and much more....
    Thanks go to Tideglo for the amazing basis Image and to all those that have tested and helped to bring it out.
    Image builder:
    megasat4000, GOst4711, Black_64, Sofatester
    Betatester: xup12, spock1111, grizzlyt, zeroone, trodonaldo, Menne.0201, Prof-Ratlos

    New in Tideglo 0.5.5 AAF SummerDream 2.0

    AAF-Board Viewer
    How does it work ?

    With this nice little plug-in you can take an active part in the board events. You have the possibility to view either the 10 last postings, the 10 top poster,the 10 new members and 10 freely choose-able themes.You need therefore a direct connection to the Internet because all the input comes from the Board.

    What isn't doing ?

    The plug-in is NOT a web browser, it only loads the HTML-data from the board and it transforms it into a viewable format. You can't answer postings, even if you have a connected keyboard!
    How does it work ?

    Threads: After launching the plug-in a little welcome screen is shown for a few seconds. Then you can see the last 10 postings (picture 1).With "OK" you are able to read them.

    With the blue button you can choose between 10 different forums (picture 2). With "OK" (picture 3) you select the themes, on a deeper level and another "OK" push selecting a thread it shows the posting (picture 4) .
    It sounds hard but it's not much different from clicking through the board.
    If you want you can browse directly with the remote keys 0-9. ID0 = key n° 0, ID1 = key n° 2....
    User-thread menu: The selection and editing of the themes and posts in the user thread is done by the "Menu" button on your remote (picture5).
    There you can't put links in but you can put the board-ID. How you obtain the board-ID :in the main menu click on the different forums, select one and click on it.In the new link you can now see the board-ID at the end. Example: HD-News
    With the green button you can save the settings.
    Now you can verify if your new ID's are shown in clear text in your "User-Threads" menu (picture 2).There you can see in square brackets the new board-ID.

    Browsing the Postings:
    In the last step the selected posting you have some keys at your proposal. A nice feature is the right key that jumps to that latest posting.

    Taskbar: During the whole action in the left corner the current theme/posting is shown in orange to help with operations.

    : last 10 Postings
    : top 10 Poster
    yellow: last 10 new members
    blue: User-Threads
    : User-Threads menu, where you can save your forum settings
    0-9: Direct selection of the user threads (without the need to go through the blue button menu)
    Browsing your postings:

    Down: browse forward (end of the list)
    : browse back to the first post (start of the list)
    Left: same as Up
    : to the last post (end of the list)

    The idea for this plug-in and programming was made by Bauernbub and was logical.Our technically prone users needed a tool to test their on-line capacity and to take part in the board happenings.With or without the need to go through a PC.
    After checking the technical problems with Prinz there wasn't much in the way of coding it in python.Beta-tester "Banu" provided us with the background pictures for the skin and helped us a lot.After 25-30 hours you now have the AAF-Board Viewer at your disposal.
    We wish all our dear user a much carefree experience and a better way to take part in the board events.

    We wish you lots of fun, your AAF-Team.

    Translation (from german): Grizzly
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    Default Re: Tideglo 0.5.5 AAF SummerDream 2.0

    a reusit cineva sa instaleze versiunea asta, la mine zice Welcomesi apoi un ecran plin cu pixeli verzi, care mai decare mai frumos , am un 910hd
    ipbox 910hd / h-h opticum dm 3800/ e2 pkt

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    Default Re: Tideglo 0.5.5 AAF SummerDream 2.0

    da,eu merg cu aceasta imagine de cind a aparut ghost-backup si pot sa spun ca merge super !!incubusul il descarci din MENU>AAF PANEL>addon manager>download manager>apoi buton albastru -alegi emu,apoi buton galben-emu pus ultimele setari de la LICKRA-DREAMSET 2.2,RESTART si succes!
    Don't be sad. Just understand.
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