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22-11-11, 22:57
Pentru cei carora le-a decedat smargo-ul in urma unui update, am gasit pe net o procedura de resuscitare.

Daca o faceti e pe propria raspundere, la mine a iesit putin fum http://satweb.ro/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif, dar s-a trezit din morti.

Make simple test:
1. insert smargo to USB - green LED should light but system doesn't recognise device.
2. insert some smart card revrserd to the slot to active card detect only - green led should start blink.
3 inster card properly - green led should be dark

If all points pass it means u have some chance to repair smargo.

To repair it u must open the case to have access to the electronic board.
Put the board USB plug up.
At right side u should have small 3 pin transistor and more at rite side 3 holes placed vertically.
We are interested in this small transitor.
It has 3 legs/pins up and 1 down.
We are interested in it's right up leg/pin (base or gate).
Solder small wire to this leg/pin and connect second side to GND.
I've connected it small capacitor located below r-pack (right side of the capacitor) but u can connect it anywhere u find GND
After that u can connect smargo to the PC and it should be normally detectable.

Run ./srp_update_x86 -b to activate bootloader mode.
Remove and reinsert smargo.
Run ./srp_update_x86 -f to flash reader again.
If u see this message:
start flashing
################################################## ######## done
Please remove and reinsert SmartReader+

wait about 2-3 minutes and then disconnect your smargo reader.
After this process u can remove the wire and smargo should be alive again

14-05-13, 19:01
Am mai gasit si eu unul
Hi guys this seemed to work for me so id be grateful if someone else could test it.

I spent the last week dissasembling the smargo 1.3 update in ollydbg to try and crack it to downgrade any firmware, although i managed to get it to report any version number i wanted it was still failing checks, Then i stumbled onto a simple trick

Unrar Smargodowngrade

SmartreaderUpdate_v1.5.exe and SmartreaderUpdate1.3.exe

plug your smargo in and click update on SmartreaderUpdate_v1.5.exe

This will then tell you to unplug your smargo which you should do and then ctrl+alt+del and kill the 1.5update process

plug the smargo back in now while there is no smargo update program running and run the SmartreaderUpdate1.3.exe

Click Update and it should Flash the 1.3 Firmware,

after its done set it up again to whatever settings you use and test it,

It certainly reports as 1.3 but i guess the guys who had probs will need to test it to see if it irons out the problems they were having

If it works Great if it doesnt at least we have people trying

edit: some people reported they couldnt get that to work so i modified an original 1.3 update, You can try that method below if the first one doesnt work
I have modified it so first it will freeze but it will put the smargo into the correct mode to have it flashed then when you restart it you can Flash normally,


Ok for anyone who cant get it working please try this file

I have modified it so first it will freeze but it will put the smargo into the correct mode to have it flashed then when you restart it you can Flash normally,

the steps are

1. open SmartreaderUpdate1.3cracked1.exe
2. Plug in your 1.4 smargo
3. Press Update, The program will say upgrading and freeze
4. Unplug Smargo
5. The program will pop up a box saying unplug smargo and replug, just press ok and then close the SmartreaderUpdate1.3cracked1.exe if it doesnt close press ctrl+alt+del and close from there
6. the smargo should be in a state where you can upgrade the firmware now
7. plug smargo back in and open SmartreaderUpdate1.3cracked1.exe
8. Press update

It should now Flash the smargo to 1.3

You can check once it has finished by using the Official 1.3 update and press update, it will tell you that you are on 1.3

I have tested this numerous times tonight it works 100%

I have tried to crack the exe fully so it doesnt freeze but im having some problems with the usb protocall but it will work with the steps i detailed above.

Please report back your findings

DOWNLOAD (http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/32596108/file.html)